My Videos

Here is an assortment of my videos:

Ship of Miracles

Chefs of Seattle


Duct Tape

Al Farmer

Dean Echelbarger

Joyce Nicolazzi

Violet Folk

Arrest Mommy

Mary Eschleman

The Pacific Institute at the Yakima Memorial Hospital

The Pacific Institute Video Biography of an Organization

Robert Birkby

I Love Flying by Bill Endicott

Dave and Fran Divelbiss

Bill and Dorothy Shaw

Dion and Amy McIntosh

Janie and Bowen Scarff

Shirley Mulliken

Ruth Peare

Steeleheart Country Band Movie trailer

Magda Newman

Luke Hendrickson

Mike Bashey

Achilles Savinelli Veterans History Project

Claxton Johnson Veterans History Project

Edwin Nixon Veterans History Project

Luke and Grace Kim

Tyler Echelbarger Real Estate

Angus Robson

Dr. Dan Baldwin D.C

Southwest Securities, Dallas, Texas

Daryl Martin

Herbert Law Offices

Tom McHatton

Emerald City Smoothie

Suzanne Lane Real Estate TV Commercial

New Fighting Seabees Documentary

Explosion Basketball Try Outs and Practice

Coach Randy Redwine

Woodman Lodge - Steakhouse in Snoqualmie

Puget Sound Security

Jim Zorn

DCI Engineers Corporate History Video

Amy and Dion's First Dance

Mark Schubert, Swim Coach

Gordon Graham

Koei-Kan Karate-Do

Little Girl

To Russ Oliver

The Happy CPAs


Saginaw Steering case Study

John and June Kneepkens

Scott Livingston

The Singh Family Documentary

Ali and Julia Get Married

Graduation Day 2008 Mt Si High School

Bob and Jackie Pappas

Jan Warren - A Woman of Courage

Dr. Janet Brill

Paul Burton Vision Mechanix

Elizabeth Richards - singer

Gabe Herner

Frank Toohey

Medal of Honor Recipient John "Bud" Hawk testimonial

Medal of Honor Recipient John "Bud" Hawk Movie Trailer

Leo the Liberator

Jan Warren - Yangtzee River Expedition Chinese Team

Dr. Jack Singer - The Funny Speaker

I am Glad

Washington State Holocaust Education Resource Center

Ruby Grace Hutchinson

Cooking for Fertility movie trailer

Tom McHatton montage

Del and Diane

Excellent Cultures Case Study:  Yakima Memorial Hospital

Happy 50th Anniversary Rene & Sunny Bertheau

Pat and Roy Bates

Jan Warren - Where Dreams and Fear Collide

Legends of Aviation Red Carpet Interviews

Bob Hoover - Legend of Aviation

Harrison Ford - Legend of Aviation

Barrington Irving - Legend of Aviation

Bill Anders - Astronaut, General, Legend of Aviation

Emily Howell Warner - First Woman Airline Pilot - Legend of Aviation

Johnny Myers - Legend of Aviation

Linden Blue - Legend of Aviation

Legends of Aviation 2009 - Introduction Video

Tony Bill - Actor, Producer, Director - Legend of Aviation

Introduction to Dataweb

Eastside Business Awards 2008 - Bellevue Chamber of Commerce

Michael O'Brien

Eastside Heritage Center

Eastside Business Awards 2009 - Bellevue Chamber of Commerce

The Flying Man Documentary Trailer

Arlington National Cemetery - Byrd and May White are interned

Sonosite Worldwide

Zoe Dell Nutter - Legend of Aviation

Schneider National Case Study

Greater Nashville Association of Realtors Case Study

Linda Linderman

Expedia CEO Project

Generic Drug Revolution Trailer

Stanley Selden

Inventive Productions Video Blog #1

Guy Townsend - First B-52 test pilot

Grace Elworth video resume

Moontime Tea

Saturday in Santa Monica with Sammie Jay from London

Harold Knudsen B24 pilot and piano player

Owen Barker

Puget Sound Business Journal "Secrets to a Best Workplace"

Cooking For Fertilty -- Tiffany & Kathryn

Instar Performance presents Cathy Crosslin

"Firetrucks" by Virdenna Ruiz

Mike Nakamura Photography

Dr. Mark Dedomenico of PRO Sports Club and 20/20 Lifestyles

The New Fighting Seabees Documentary - Movie Trailer

Scott Harrison, CEO of Barclay Dean

Clay Lacy, American Legend of Aviation

Leroy Nosbaum, CEO of Itron

Melinda Partin, CEO of Worktank

Paul Thayer, CEO of LTV, Deputy Secretary of Defense

Harold Knudsen plays piano

Harold Knudsen Video Biography

Bob Cremin, CEO of Esterline

Fate Time and Circumstance Dr. Forrest Bird

Chuck Shelton

Chuck Grouws, CEO and Founder of CHG Building Systems

Nicole Gelpi of Yellow Mountain StoneWorks

Tom Varga, CEO of CFO Solutions

Eric Bensussen & Jay Deutsch, Founders of BDA Inc

Ward Martin

I Love the Puget Sound Business Journal

Casey Sheldon, Weber Shandrick PR

Tom Jones, Legend

Daryl Martin, Redmond Historical Society

John Oppenheimer, CEO of Columbia Hospitality

Carroll Shelby

Instar Performance presents Breaking Barriers starring Gordon Graham

Artitudes Design Client testimonial video

Brian Paulen, CEO of Madrona Solutions

Kurt Carlson, CEO of Propel Insurance

I Subscribe to the Puget Sound Business Journal Because

Rob Harris, CEO of Pacific Market International

Schneider National Trucking

Delphi Steering Case Study

John Shoemaker

Scott O'Brien

Cathy Crosslin sings National Anthem

Warren Christopher

Hunsberger Military internment

Tom McHatton biography

Safe Call Now: Financial Problems

Jim's Auto Sales

Why Advertise in the Puget Sound Business Journal

Living Legends of Aviation Top Gun's 25th Anniversary

Kermit WeeksL Living Legend of Aviation

Elon Musk: Living Legend of Aviation

Living Legends of Aviation 2010 Introduction

Joe Clark: Living Legend of Aviation 2010 Entrepreneur

Living Legends of Aviation Flown West with Morgan Freeman

Kurt Russell:  Legend of Aviation 2010

Buzz Aldrin: Legend of Aviation 2010

Mike and Johni Get Married

Charlie McHatton Piano Man 1988

Ronnie & Joseph Stabler

Williams Wedding Planner Client Testimonial for Stacy Kvam

Chloe's Birthday party 2010

Bombardier Presents a Tribute party for Clay Lacy

Bombardier Presents Legends of Aviation 2010 Red carpet

Dwyer Wedding Movie Trailer

Eastside Business Awards 2010 - Bellevue Chamber of Commerce

Rick Rizzs: This is My Life

InvestED (Haas Foundation) presents Art Contest winners

Introducing Cathy Crosslin

Gordy Graham on Fishing with David Lewis

Village Theatre -- 30th Anniversary Celebration

Joan and Bill Potter

Marne Mercer

TRUEbenefits Client Testimonials

Jodeena Tribute to David Lewis

The Girls get ready

Rib Eating Contest at Pork in the Pines 2010

Bucoda Washington Centennial Documentary Trailer

Harbor Clubs of Seattle and Bellevue 50th Annversary Documentary

Pork in the Pines BBQ Competition and Music Festival

Mavericks Casino and Saloon, Cle Elum, WA

Bill Cottringer Reality Repair