My Pictures

Here are some photos from RJ's interview with Harrison Ford.

Rj with Harrison Ford and his airplanes, January 2009

Great Interviews

           Kurt Russell with RJ

                                        Tom Hanks, Kurt Russell, and RJ share a laugh

RJ McHatton with General Bill Anders (astronaut)

RJ McHatton with Lynn Tilton, CEO of Patriarch Partners and MD Helicopters

RJ McHatton with Jack Huyler of the Thacher School

Kent Kresa, former Chairman of General Motors, with RJ McHatton

Academy Award winner Cliff Robertson with RJ McHatton

Second Man on the Moon, Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, interviewed by RJ McHatton

Rj McHatton with Tom Jones, former CEO of Northrop

Legend of Aviation Clay Lacy interviewed by RJ McHatton

RJ McHatton with Paul Thayer, former Asst Secretary of Defense

Morgan Stanley director Peter Allen with RJ McHatton

Cleo and her husband Carroll Shelby interviewed by RJ McHatton

RJ McHatton with Emily Howell Warner, the first woman commercial airline pilot in US History.

Aviation pioneer Bob Hoover, from his interview with RJ McHatton in 2009

American business icon Barron Hilton, from his interview with RJ McHatton

Academy award winning Film producer, director, and actor Tony Bill, from his interview with RJ McHatton

Sir Richard Branson from his interview at the Legends of Aviation ceremony

RJ McHatton interviewing businessman Bill Tilley

Dr. Luke and Grace Kim with Paul Kim and RJ McHatton

Chuck and Adrienne Weidenbach finish their interview with RJ McHatton at the
Inventive Productions Studio

RJ McHatton with Alice Tsukuno and her son Steve.  Alice was one of the first Japanese-Americans
forced into internment camp during the early days after Pearl Harbor attacks of World War II.

Casey Sheldon of Weber Shandrick interviewed by RJ McHatton

Brad Jackson of Two Degrees interviewed by RJ McHatton

RJ McHatton with Melanie Dressel, CEO of Columbia Banking System

RJ McHatton with Tad Devine, son of the famous movie actor Andy Devine

David Price, CEO of American Airports and founder of American Golf, with RJ McHatton

RJ McHatton with Peter Mullin, CEO of Mullin TBG with his famous race car collection

H. Russell Smith, CEO of Avery Dennison with RJ McHatton

Warren Christopher, former Secretary of State, with RJ McHatton

Aviation pioneer Bob Hoover with RJ McHatton in 2010

Here is a Picture Gallery from a Italian-Victorian home I owned in Astoria Oregon

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