About RJ

I have lived a wonderful life. 


Filmmaker of hundreds of films with Inventive Productions

Author of four books of fiction


Here is my Biography

What is your full name?  Robert Joseph McHatton Jr

Who are you named for?  My father was Bob, my grandfather was Bob, and my great grandfather was Bob

When and where were you born?  Feb 1, 1958 in Ontario, Oregon

How far back can you trace your family?    On my dad’s side only back to my great grandfather who was a successful business owner in Philadelphia.  My mom’s family came to America from England and traveled the Oregon Trail and settled down in Long Creek, Oregon

Do you know any legends or stories of the past which have been told and retold in your family?  My great grandfather owned several businesses in Philly and one of them was an ice truck and he also owned the cemetery where Betsy Ross was buried.  Evidently on his death bed his business partner forged the deed out of my Grandfather’s name.  My great aunts sued and one of them was paid in diamonds.  On my mom’s side her grandfather was a famous mountain man in Oregon who had a pet monkey and a pet bear.  He used to charge people to wrestle with the bear.

What is your mother’s/father’s full name?  Mother:  Wanda Louise McHatton 

Father:  Robert Joseph McHatton

In what country was she/he born?  She was born in Oregon

 Can you remember hearing stories about your mother/father when they were young?  My dad grew up on the streets of Philly and was a wheeler dealer from a young age.  And a boxer.  Once when he was a teenager a gangster liked him and let him control the parking lot next to the Martinique night club in Wildwood New Jersey (on the shore).  My dad charged people to park there and he made a killing.  Later he was the first paper boy for the Philadelphia paper.  When he went into the Airforce they ran an article about him in the paper.  My Mom was the oldest in her family. She was brought up on a ranch in a very small town and her father died at a young age.

Do you know the names of your mother’s/father’s sisters and/or brothers?  My father had two brothers Tom and Ron and a sister Patricia.  My mom is the oldest.  She had three brothers, Sam, Jim, Doug, and two sisters Myra, Mary

Where do they live now?  Uncle Ron lives in PA, Uncle Tom in OR, Patricia is deceased.  Uncle Sam and Doug are gone, Uncle Jim lives in Lake Elsinore CA, Aunt Myra is gone, Aunt Mary lives in Santee, CA

Do you know any relatives who still live in your mother’s/father’s country of origin, and if so, is there any contact with them?  No

Do you know the names of your grandparents, great-grandparents, and those from earlier generations?  Do you have any favorite memories of them?  I was close to my grandparents on both sides.  My dads parents were Robert and Julia (Hemelsbach) and my mom’s parents were Veva and Sam.  Sam died before I was born so my grannie married Kip Kiplinger, a great guy.

Did your parents tell you how they met?  They met while they were both in the Air Force in Europe.  My dad was stationed in Germany.  My mom was in the MATS (military air transport service), sort of like a stewardess.  She was on the planes that brought refugees from Hungary during the Hungarian revolution.

What year were they married and where did the wedding take place?  My parents were married in Philadelphia in 1957.

 If your parents were born outside of this country why did they come here?  What year?

How did your mother/father earn a living when they were young?  After I was born my dad worked in the Tire Business for many years until he stared his own tire business, McHatton Tire, with several locations in California.  He also owned Telephone Marketing International, wrote two books on telemarketing, and was the Director of Marketing at Eagle Crest.  He also owned several side businesses over the years including restaurants, California Wheel Company, and others.  My mother was a stay at home housewife.  When my dad died, my mother worked in Special Ed at the Long Creek school, and for the City of Long Creek.



Do you have brothers and/or sisters?  Audrey, Sally, Doug, Julie, Mike, Patty, Charlie

Where do they live?  Oregon and California

Where did you live when you were growing up?  Six years in Phoenix Arizona, Six years in Denver, Colorado, Eleven years in Fresno, CA, and then various times in Los Angeles, San Diego, Hoosick Falls, New York, Minnetonka, Minnesota, Boise, Idaho, Bend, Oregon, Cle Elum, WA, Astoria, OR, Bellevue, WA, Redmond, WA

What are some of the earliest memories you have growing up with your siblings?  I can show you the home movies

Who is the oldest, next, and the youngest?

Describe your childhood home. Bunk beds until we moved to Fresno and then I got my own room.  We had a nice home with a pool.  Nice middle class neighborhood.

As a kid, where did you like to play?  We were outside kids with swingsets, etc.  I loved to play football.   I also was an inside kid.  We played a lot of chess, and we had a pooltable.  I liked to play basketball and racquetball with my friends.

Tell about any animals you had.  My dad was allergic so we had lots of dogs but they always had to go eventually.  We did have ducks in Fresno.  As an adult, we always have lots of animals.

What nicknames did you have?  My mom called me Bobby.  My friends called me Bob.  Years later, I got a job in LA once working at a tire store for a guy named Bob.  He made me change my name at the job to RJ.  When I moved to OR the name sort of stuck.

What were you like as a teenager?  Good kid. Straight A’s.  Filmmaker.  Loved movies and entertainment every since I was very little.  Started writing stories at a young age.

What was your first job and how much did you earn?  Sold Christmas cards door to door so I could buy a big giant stereo.  I also had paper routes, did lawns, shoveled snow for money.  Started working in my dad’s tire stores at young age because I wanted a car.

Where did you attend school?  Most Holy trinity Catholic school in Phoenix, assorted Catholic schools in Colorado, and then Tenaya Jr High and Bullard High in Fresno.  I went to UCLA for two quarters, then to the Gray Film Atelier in Hoosick Falls, New York for one year.  Then back to Fresno State, also some classes on entrepreneurship at USC.

How long did you go to school?  I dropped out of college with only a couple classes unfinished.  One of those things I have always regretted.  I will finish it.

Do you remember learning?  Yes I am an avid learner.  I try to learn something everyday.

Who was your favorite teacher?  Mrs. Oak was a great English Teacher, Mr. Garabedaian was a great typing teacher, Coach John Loyear was a great coach.  Also I attribute my dedication and belief in getting straight A’s to my second grade nun who told me and this girl one day that we were both meant to get straight A’s for the rest of our life.  Her believe opened up my eyes to a unique self confidence and expectancy I have had ever since.

Who were your childhood friends?  My best friends were and are John Foley, Steve Katchadourian, Bob Callistro, Paul Wulf, and Richard Beers.

Who was your best friend?  John Foley and Steve Katch.

What kind of music did you hear as a child?  My mom liked Glenn Miller.  I was always hooked on the variety shows of TV including Dean Martin, Judy garland, Ed Sullivan, Red Skelton, Sonny and Cher, Lawrence Welk, Glen Campbell Show, and I loved the Christmas specials.  In Denver I got my own room for the first time.  It was the attic of this huge mansion we were living in.  It was the first time I really started getting into music, listening to all kinds of contemporary music at the time.  I loved Cat Stephens music and Elton John.  Later on I loved Carol King, the Beatles, and the Carpenters.

What kinds of reading material do you remember in your home?  My mom was an avid reader and we always had a ton of books.  My mom usually read a book a day.  I started with the Hardy Boys books and then got into biographies and movie books.  I read every book ever written about the movies.  For a time I also got into hypnosis so I read every book ever written about hypnosis, too.

 In your home, what were family holidays or celebrations like?  Huge.  Every holiday was big in our family. 

Did you have any childhood illnesses?  Normal childhood illnesses.  I remember a traumatic night when I got a twisted testical.  I had to have surgery to get it untwisted.  It did not effect my ability to be fertile or any other issues.  But it was the most painful experience in my life.

Who were your neighbors?  We were very close to all our neighbors.  Next door was Dan Foley and his kids Mary and John.  I didn't know until later that Dan Foley was a war hero from World War II.  He was at D-Day and The Battle of the Bulge.  Across the street was the Katchadourians and the Beers.

Tell about a time that was exciting or adventurous to you.  When we lived in Denver we lived in a new area called Littleton that had a lot of open fields and homes under construction.  I remember getting a mini-bike and exploring all the fields.  It was awesome.

Describe a time when you felt in danger.  Never had any moments like that in my life, except a couple of close calls driving fast cars with fast women!

What did you do for fun as a child?  Do you still do it?  I loved TV, tackle football, the movies and entertainment from the beginning.

Who were your childhood heroes?  I always liked John Wayne and the old movie stars and the film directors like Hitchcock and Frank Capra and John Ford.  I did have a period where I had a lot of football heroes that played for the Green Bay Packers.  I also was inspired by heroic people like Dr. Schweitzer and Abraham Lincoln.

Tell about the spiritual life of your family.  I was brought up Catholic.  In Phoenix we went to Mass almost everyday.  I was an alter boy and for a time thought of becoming a priest.  I have always wanted to dedicate my life to helping others.  I have always had a feeling of destiny that I am here to do something big.  I left organized religion as I got older and questioned everything.  I read a lot of books about religions and history.  Today I am very spiritual but not religious. 

How did your family take vacations?  We didn’t really take vacations except to drive to visit relatives either in Oregon or New Jersey.

What are some of the things you wanted as a child but never received?  I was lucky and never really had anything I never received that I wanted.

What do you think were the dreams your parents had for their children?  To be self reliant.

Do you have something you saved from your childhood?  My mom recently gave me the original Wizard of Oz book collection we had.

What would you wished you had saved from your childhood?  My baseball mitt

Were you in the armed forces?  Which war?  I missed Vietnam by a couple of years.  I do remember watching the birth date lottery on TV.



 Where were you living in high school?  Fresno, CA

Where did you go to school? Tenaya Junior High and Bullard High

Were you involved in extra-curricular activities?  Honor roll, Traffic Council,  I did act in some plays in sixth grade

What was your favorite music?  I love all music except for rap.  I took guitar lessons for a few years but I let it go.  I love music and wish I could play an instrument so I could sing love songs once in a while.

What were the dances of your time and which did you like?  I remember the dances.  I was very shy in those days and considered a nerd.  I remember having a crush on Nicky Carpenter in grammar school and kissing Jane Kazmarick in Littleton.and playing spin the bottle.

When and how did you learn how to drive?  My parents believed in driver school so that’s how I did it.

What kind of car did you have?  My first car was a 1968 MGB with a removable hard top.  My dad heard about the new Honda cars coming to America, so he put his name on the list and got the first two in the Central California area.  He bought a white one and a red one.  I ended up selling the MG and going for the red one.  Then I bought a red Corvette, then a couple different Porsches and then I had a long list of assorted fast and interesting cars, Jeeps, SUVs, etc from then on.

What were the rules on dating, sex, alcohol, drugs, and smoking?  My parents let us run pretty wild, but we had to eat dinner around the dinner table all together.

What did you do that was risky? Fast cars and dangerous women

What was the most trouble you found yourself as a teenager?  I never really got into trouble.

Did you have any family conflicts in those years?  We never really had conflicts that I remember.

How did your relationship with your parents change during those years?  We were always very close

Describe any family trips you took during those years.  Just to visit relatives.

Did you have any pets?  Ducks, hamsters, dogs.

What ambitions or dreams did you have about the future?  I always felt that I was going to be a hero someday, and I always loved the movies, so I thought I would be a filmmaker.

Who do you think taught you the most during those years?  My parents.  They always believed in me.

From your wisdom today, what are you thankful for from that time of your life?  A loving family.


What were some milestones in your career or personal life in your twenties and thirties?   

Career:  worked in tire business for many years, initally with Duddy's Tire and then in my father's business, McHatton Tire.  Owned and ran movie theaters for years, initially for Camera Cinemas (www.cameracinemas.com) and then my own McHatton's Tower Theater in Fresno.  Really enjoyed live events, bringing in famous filmmakers and writers, then became partner with legendary comedy producer Budd Friedmann on a series of comedy shows with Robert Rodriguez, Dana Carvey, Ellen DeGeneris, Fred Willard, and Jim Carrey.  Then got involved in the timeshare industry at Eagle Crest Resort (www.eagle-crest.com) .  Thanks to the wisdom and support of my mentor, Paul Loberg, I found my niche as one of the world’s top referral salesman.  Started as sales rep in 1988, first PC in 1992 and 1994, went into management in 95, Sales Director for all the Idaho Eagle Crest Vacation Club projects, then Marketing Director for four locations, VP Marketing for all locations.  Then moved to Cle Elum to open up MountainStar Resort (www.suncadiaresort.com) .  Had tremendous success.  Then worked for five years as the Sales Project Director for The Resort at Seaside (www.theresortatseaside.com) where I led the sales teams for fractionals, owner upgrades, and onsite inhouse and OPC sales.  Consistently achieved record profitability for the company.  Started Inventive Productions (www.inventiveproductions.com) in Bellevue, WA in Oct 2005.  I have been fortunate to have produced hundreds of interesting projects with Inventive productions over the past five years. 

Author:  I am the author of three books of fiction.  "The Dirty Deed," "My Kids," and "Bonus Time."  They are all available on amazon.com

Personal Life:  I had a long wonderful loving relationship with Betty R in Fresno and LA in the 1980s. 

Marriages: What is the name of your wife/husband?  I have been married once, to Victoria Louise Bishop

How did you meet?  She was the top sales rep at Eagle Crest when we met.

Can you describe your decision to marry & the proposal?   We started playing racquetball together.  We first got together on St Patricks Day at a Roadshow we were doing in Salem.  I asked her to marry me nine days later and we were married in Reno on April 12, 1988.

How old were you when you got married? 30

What was the date of your wedding? Ap 12, 1988

Where were you married? Reno

Where was your first home after you were married?  We owned a small a-frame home on five acres in Redmond, Oregon

 Did you have any children?  We adopted two children Jason and Crissy from the Childrens Services Dept of the State of Oregon

If so, what are their names & when were they born?  Jason was born in Aug of 1989 and Crissy was born in Aug of 1990.

Where are they living today?  My daughter lives in Utah, and my son lives with me in Bend, Oregon.

Are any of them married, and if so, what are the names of their spouses and children? Not yet

Can you remember anything special about each of your children as they were growing up?  They were great kids from the beginning.  Lots of energy.  Jason had ADHD issues, but he was a happy kid and always tried hard to please us.  Both Crissy and Jason are my best friends and I love them unconditionally.

Tell me about vacations you have taken together when they were young?  We always took cool vacations.  I always won a free trip for the family to an exotic location. 

Is there anything special you like to do with them when you are together? We always went to movies, parks, and had a lot of fun.

Have you taken an interest in community work?  I have been fortunate to be involved in numerous pro bono projects.

Are you still working or are you retired?  Still working and loving it.

Do you have any hobbies?  I love to travel, read, watch movies, collect art, and dabble at art myself too.

Do you enjoy any other interests?  I enjoy just about everything, but my favorite thing to do is write.

Do you travel to other places in the world on vacations?  As much as possible


What values did your family instill in you with which you live today? Honesty, integrity, doing the right thing, caring for others, respecting others, helping other

Who had the greatest influence upon you while you were young?  My parents

What has helped you get through the tough times? My faith and positive attitude about life

How would you like to be remembered?  As a good guy who tried to help people

What are your goals for the next five to ten years?  Health, Happy Family, Financial Freedom, Creative success, Travel, Find true love

If you could give a message about life and love to your children, grandchildren, and the generations to come, what would that be?  Give love and you will get love, take personal responsibility, be honest and respectful, laugh every moment you can, and believe in yourself.



Born:               February 1, 1958, Ontario, Oregon

Parents:           Wanda Louise McHatton

                       Robert Joseph McHatton (deceased)

Siblings:           Audrey, Sally (deceased), Doug, Julie, Mike, Patty, Charlie

Wife:                Married April 12, 1988 in Reno, NV to Victoria L. Bishop

                        Status:  Complicated   

Children:          Jason Robert, Christine Lillian


Educational Background:

Elementary school: Most Holy Trinity Catholic School, Phoenix, AZ

Middle School:        Goddard Middle School, Littleton, CO

Jr High School:       Tenaya Junior High School, Fresno, CA

High School:           Bullard High School, Fresno, CA -- graduated 1976

University of Southern California (one class--How to Buy a Business)

University of California, Los Angeles, CA

1979:    Gray Film Atelier, Hoosick Falls, NY (apprenticeship film school)

California State University, Los Angeles, CA

California State University, Fresno, CA

Sherwood Oaks Experimental College, Los Angeles, CA

Tom Hopkins Boot Camp, Las Vegas, NV 1992

Sundance Producers Conference, Park City, UT 1996


Work Experience:

Worked in the Tire Warehouse, Duddy's of Arizona, Phoenix, AZ (age 10)

Mail Room, Duddy's of Colorado, Denver, CO

Sold Christmas cards door to door (bought giant stereo with earnings)

Paper route--San Francisco Chronicle

Warehouse, Duddy's of California, Fresno, CA

Store Manager, McHatton Tire Distributors, Clovis, CA

Manager, Telephone Marketing International, Clovis, CA

Partner, McHatton & Simpson Talent Agency, Fresno, CA

Partner, Pioneer Productions, Fresno, CA--optioned film rights to bestselling book "Beyond Reason" by Margaret         Trudeau

Screenwriter: "Beyond Reason" based on bestselling book by Margaret Trudeau

Store Manager, Winston Tire Company, Los Angeles, CA

Manager, Camera One Theatres, San Jose, CA

Manager, Keystone Cinema, Reno, NV

General Partner, Tower Theater, Fresno, CA

Organized Frank Capra Film Festival, with Frank Capra in attendance.  Spent awesome days with Frank.

Organized Tower Blues Festival, with John Lee Hooker

Organized Tower Comedy Shows, with many famous comics, including Dana Carvey, Jim Carrey

Organized several other festivals, including Russ Meyer Film Festival, Robert Towne Festival, Debby Reynolds Fest.

Real Estate Salesperson, Eastern Oregon Realty, Prairie City, OR

Co-Author and Editor, "Total Telemarketing" published by John Wylie & Sons, (available on www.amazon.com)

Store Manager, Discount Tire Warehouse, Minneapolis, MN

Sales, Discount Tire, San Diego, CA

Real Estate Sales Representative, Eagle Crest Resort, Redmond, OR 1988-1994

Awarded "Top Closing Salesman of the Year--1989"  Eagle Crest Resort, 1989

Awarded "Presidents Award--1989"  Eagle Crest Resort 1989

Awarded "Inspiration Award--1989" Eagle Crest Resort 1989

Awarded "Owner Referral Salesperson of the Year 1989"  Eagle Crest 1989

Awarded "Owner Referral Salesperson of the Year 1990"  Eagle Crest 1990

Awarded "Excellence Award": Eagle Crest 1991

Awarded "Top Salesperson Volume of the Year 1991 ($1.4 million)"  Eagle Crest 1991

Awarded "Top Closing Salesperson of the Year 1991--101 deals"  Eagle Crest 1991

Awarded "Owner Referral Salesperson of the Year 1991"  Eagle Crest 1991

Awarded "The RCI Keystone Award" from RCI,  August 1991

Awarded "Owner Referral Salesperson of the Year 1992"  Eagle Crest 1992

Awarded "Owner Referral Salesperson of the Year 1993"  Eagle Crest 1993

Awarded "Excellence Award"  Eagle Crest 1993

Awarded "Top Salesman of the Year 1994--112 deals"  Eagle Crest 1994

Awarded "Owner Referral Salesperson of the Year 1994"  Eagle Crest 1994

Awarded "Top Sales Manager of the Year 1995"  Eagle Crest 1995

Awarded "The RCI Keystone Award" from RCI, August 1,1995

Awarded "The 1997 Founders Award" presented by Bill Lyche,  Eagle Crest 1997

Screenwriter: "The Dirty Deed" feature film script

Screenwriter: "My Kids"  feature film script

Owner, White Knuckles Productions, Redmond, OR (1988-present)

Real Estate Sales Manager, Eagle Crest Resort, Redmond, OR (1995-97)

Produced, Directed, Wrote, Edited, Cinematographer--Feature Film "The Red Suit" (1996-97)

Project Sales Director, Eagle Crest Communities, managing 3 sales locations in Idaho (1997-98)

Direct of Marketing--Eagle Crest Communities, responsible for marketing of 4 resorts, Redmond, OR (1998-1999)

Vice President-- Marketing , Eagle Crest Inc, responsible for marketing of 4 resorts, Redmond, OR (2000)

Appeared on CBS-TV "48 Hours" with Roger Ebert at Sundance Film Festival

Owner, Life & Times Video Productions, Bend, OR (1999-2005)

President, Central Oregon Film & Video Association (non-profit), Bend, OR (2000-2005)

Real Estate Sales Representative, MountainStar Resort, Roslyn, WA (2000-2001)

Inhouse Manager, Eagle Crest Resort, Redmond, OR (2001)

Produced Life & Times Video for Mary Knoell (2001)

Produced Life & Times Video for Doug Carter (2001)

Produced Life & Times Video for Charlie McHatton (2001)

Produced Life & Times Video for Mike McHatton (2001)

Produced Life & Times Video for Doug McHatton (2001)

Produced Life & Times Video for Julie McHatton (2001)

Produced fundraising video for Hospice of Bend-La Pine (2001)

Receipient of the "Garcia Award" by Trendwest Resorts for extraordinary Service. (Feb 2001)

Produced "Lillian, We Miss You" Video (2001)

Producer-Director "Habitat for Humanity--The Hohman Family" (2001)

Producer-Director-Writer short film "Arrest Mommy" (2001)

Co-Producer, Sound Recordist,  "Promise"

Director-Producer Documentary Feature film "UMATILLA" (www.umatillafilm.com)

Director-Producer, Video Biography "Rolie Anderson" for Bend Genealogical Society

President, Central Oregon Film & Video Association (www.centraloregonfilm.org)

Project Director, Trendwest Resorts, Seaside, OR (www.resortatseaside.com) (www.trendwestresidenceclub.com) (2001-2005)

Author of first novel "The Dirty Deed" Spring 2006

Author or second novel "My Kids" Spring 2006

Created Life & Times Videos for the Bend Genealogical Society, new non-profit dedicated to recording oral histories of aging people on video.

In post-production on feature documentary film "Ship of Miracles" (www.shipofmiracles.com) to be released Spring of 2008

Wrote & Directed short film "Duct Tape" 2004

Partner in new company INVENTIVE PRODUCTIONS in Bellevue WA (www.inventiveproductions.com) Fall 2005- present

Author of third book "BONUS TIME AND OTHER SHORT STORIES"  published in the Fall of 2009

Writing fourth book "THE BRILLIANTS AND OTHER SHORT STORIES" scheduled to be released in the Fall of 2012

Writing fifth book "BEAT YOUR BOSS TO WORK"

Inventive Productions projects:  (Directed and Produced and Wrote:)

Video Biography Bill Peare

Video Biography Ruth Peare

Video Biography Connie Peare

Video Biography Woody O'Rourke

Video Biography of Medal of Honor recipient John "Bud" Hawk

Video Biography of NFL quarterback and Coach Jim Zorn

Video Biography of Colleen McIntosh

Video Biography of Shirley Mullikan

Video Biography of Dave & Fran Divelbiss

Video Biography of Linda Kay Porlier

Video Biography of Bob & Jackie Pappas

Video Biography of Magda Newman

Video Biography of Ted & Terry Kilcup

Video Biography of Adeline Kim

Video Biography of Bowen & Janie Scarff

Video Biography of Gordy Graham

Video biography of John Shoemaker

Video Biography of Violet Folk

Video Biography of Jan Warren

Video Biography of Ed & Beverly Leaf

Marketing Video for Hawk Creek Ranch for Tacoma Land Company

Historical Documentary for 35 year retrospective Southwest Securities Inc

Historical Documentary for 30 year history and culture of The Pacific Institute

Historical Documentary for Steeleheart Country Western Band

Video Biography of Luke Hendrickson

Video Biography of Stephanie Walter

Video Biography of Richard Nicolazzi

Video Biography of Joyce Nicolazzi

Video Biography of Evelyn Birkby

Video Biography of Robert Birkby

Video Biography of Dean Echelbarger

Video Biography of Mary Elizabeth Eschelman

Video Biography of Larry Mercury Morris

Video biography interview with Paul Loberg

Video biography interview with Norman Blye

Historical Documentary RASKAL LOVE with Vanna Fut

The New Fighting Seabees Documentary about The US Navy Seabees

Video Biography & Wedding of Dion & Amy McIntosh

Power Breakfast Video for Letip International

On Location Shooting in Pakistan for Alaska Structures

Video Biography interview of Dick Monson

Video Biography interview of Carl Hallstrom for Veterans History Project

Video Biography interview of Jerrold Sesslor for Veterans History Project

Video Biography interview of Norris Bevan for Veterans History Project

Video Biography interview of Claxton Johnson for Veterans History Project

Video Biography interview of Al Frank for Veterans History Project

Video Biography of Roy & Fran Bates

Marketing Video for Realtor Tyler Echelbarger

Video biography of Bill Endicott

Video Biography of uncle Ron McHatton

Video Biography of uncle Tom McHatton

How to Dance your First Dance at a Wedding DVD for Mara Williams

Carla Lamar & Jack Barr wedding, Roslyn WA

Event video for Wyndham Resorts

TV commercial for West Coast Real Estate

TV commercial for Greg Shaw Windemere Real Estate Broker

Info-mercial and Marketing Video and Testimonial video for Dr. Mat Berry

Marketing video for Dr. Dan Baldwin

Marketing video for Puget Sound Security

Marketing video for Holly Plackett running for Mayor

Video biography of Daryl Martin for Redmond Historical Society

Video biography of Ward Martin for Redmond Historical Society

Fundraising Video for Providence Marionwood

Video Biography of Mike & Joyce Bashey

DVD and Audio Book for motivational speaker and author Linda Kay Porlier

Into the Blue video for Yakima Memorial Clinic

Eastside Business Awards video for Bellevue Chamber of Commerce

Video biography of Bill & Dorothy Shaw

Video biography of Gilbert Kvam

Video Biography interview of David Richardson for Veterans History Project

Video Biography interview of Achilles Savinelli for Veterans History Project

Video biography interview of Albert Campbell for Veterans History Project

Video biography of Bob & Virginia Lintott

Thanksgiving Family video biography for Payne Family

Video biography interview of Ray Slaugh for Veterans History Project

Video biography of Angus Robson

Testimonial video of Franchisees of Emerald City Smoothie Conference

Video of High School reunion in Bremerton WA

Video Biography of Dr. Luke and Grace Kim

Video Biography of Historical Building - Woodmans Lodge, Snoqualmie WA

Historical documentary of DCI Engineers for 20th Anniversary

Fundraising video for Holocaust Museum

Fundraising video for American Cancer Society Fun Run

Grand Opening video for 500th company store for Jamba Juice

Explosion Basketball games for Comcast Video on demand

Video Biography interview of Richard Christiansen for Veterans History Project

Video Biography interview of Georgia Brundinki

Video Biography of Dolores Murphy, Buffalo NY

Video Biography of Pat Murphy

Edited Pat Carroll Video for The Pacific Institute

Edited Gordy Graham seminar in Indiana

Video interview on green screen with Kathy Northrop State Farm Agent

TV commercial for realtor Suzanne Lane

Video Biography of Adrienne & Chuck Weidenbach, Detroit Michigan

Marketing Video for Koei Kan Karate Do

Case Study Documentary for Talyst

Writer-Producer-Director-DP-Editor:  "Ship of Miracles"  (2008) feature documentary, fiscal sponsorship by IDA
Co-Founder of Inventive Productions LLC, a leading producer of historical documentaries
Writer-Producer-DP:  "Bill Anders - Legend of Aviation" (2009) documentary
Writer-Producer-DP:  "Harrison Ford - Legend of Aviation" (2009) documentary
Writer-Producer-DP:  "Emily Howell Warner - Legend of Aviation" (2009) documentary
Writer-Producer-DP:  "Bob Hoover - Legend of Aviation" (2009) documentary
Writer-Producer-DP:  "Johnny Myers - Legend of Aviation" (2009) documentary
Writer-Producer-DP:  "Tony Bill - Legend of Aviation" (2009) documentary
Writer-Producer-DP:  "Linden Blue - Legend of Aviation" (2009 documentary
Writer-Producer-DP:  "Legends of Aviation Opening Introduction" (2009) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Roy & Pat Bates" (2009) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Grace & Luke Kim" (2009) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Cooking for Fertility" (2009) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Eastside Heritage Center" (2009) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Village Theater" (2009) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Schneider National Case Study" (2009) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Bob & Jackie Pappas" (2009) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "LenElla Tabor" (2009) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Leo the Liberator" (2009) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Puget Sound Security" (2009) documentarya
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "The New Fighting Seabees" (2009) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "CEOs of Seattle" (2009) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Michael O'Brien" (2009) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Jim Zorn: Beyond the Lights" (2008) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Chefs of Seattle" (2008) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Pat Murphy" (2008) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Koei Kan Karate"  (2008) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Adeline Kim" (2008) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Abner Levy" (2008) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Ron McHatton" (2008) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Joan Pittenger" (2008) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "John Shoemaker" (2008) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "The Payne Family Thanksgiving" (2008) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:   "Julie & Ali" (2008) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Mike Bashey" (2008) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Virginia Lintott"  (2008) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "The Happy CPAs" (2008) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Gabe Herner" (2008) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Tiffany Pollard Cooking Show" (2008) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director DP:  "Dolores Murphy" (2008) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "The Singhs" (2008) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "DCI Engineers" (2008) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Magda" (2008) documentary about woman from Hungary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Mary & Chente" (2008) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Woodman Lodge" (2008) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Angus Robson" (2008) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Eastside Business Awards 2008" (2008) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Paul Burton" (2008) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Dr. Jack Singer" (2008) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Grace Hutchinson" (2008) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Frank Toohey" (2008) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Talyst" (2008) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Delphi Plant 6" (2008) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Richard Nicolazzi (2008) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP"  "John & June Kneepkens" (2008) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director:  "Dr. Janet Brill"  (2008) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Washington State Holocaust Resource Center" (2008) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Jan Warren - Woman of Courage" (2008) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "History of the Pacific Institute" (2008) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Joyce Nicolazzi" (2008) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Tyler Echelbarger" (2008) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Explosion Basketball with Randy Redwine" (2008) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Stephanie Walter" (2008) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Adrienne & Chuck Weidenbach" (2008) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Letip International kickoff 2008"  (2008) documentary
DP:  "Jamba Juice Grand Opening" (2008)
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Carla & Jack Get Married" (2007) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Dr. Danny Baldwin"  (2007) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Southwest Securities" (2007) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:   "Mary Elizabeth Eschleman" (2007) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Everyman: Al Farmer"  (2007) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Bill Endicott" (2007) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Dean Echelbarger" (2007) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Dorothy & Bill Shaw" (2007) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Steeleheart- The Beat Goes On" (2007) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Tacoma Land Company" (2007) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Linda Kay Porlier" (2007) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Yakima Memorial Hospital" (2007) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Eastside Business Awards 2007" (2007) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Fran & Dave Divelbiss" (2007) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Bowen & Janie Scarff" (2007) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Dion & Amy"  (2007) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Emerald City Smoothie Franchisees" (2007) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Gilbert Kvam" (2007) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Evelyn Birkby" (2007) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Robert Birkby" (2007) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Mara Williams First Dance" (2007) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Life & Times of Gordy Graham" (2007) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Violet Folk"  (2007) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "A Long Story Short--Larry Morris"  (2007) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Mr. Baseball Woody O'Rourke" (2007) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Bev & Ed Leaf" (2007) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:   "The Strong Man - Norman Blye"  (2007) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Ted & Terry Kilcup" (2007) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Fern Herbert" (2007) commercial
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Letip International 2007 kickoff"  (2007) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director:  "Dr. Mathias Berry" (2006) info-mercial
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Gordon Graham Seminars" (2006) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director:DP:   "Loves a Woman Paula Ortega" (2006) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:    "Shirley Mullikan" (2006) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:   "Colleen MacIntosh" (2006) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director:         "America's Hometown Hero: John "Bud" Hawk" (2006) documentary
DP:  "Kashmir Earthquake" (2006) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "West Coast Real Estate" (2006) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director-DP:  "Connie" (2005) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director:  "Ruth"  (2005) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director:  "Life and Times of Bill Peare" (2005) documentary
Writer-Producer-Director:  "Duct Tape" (2005) short film
Writer-Producer-Director:  "Arrest Mommy" (2004) short film
Writer-Producer-Director:  "Umatilla" (2002) award-winning documentary
Founder of White Knuckles Productions (1988-2005)

Producer and Host of "Tuesdays with Gordy" weekly live conversation with the Godfather of Change, Gordon Graham.  (www.gordygraham.com)

Writer-Producer-Director of fundraising video for HeidisPromise.org

Writer-Producer-Director of video biography of Tony Catanzariti

Writer-Producer-Director of family history documentary for The Abrams familiy

Writer-Producer-Director of video biography of Sal & Dolores Falanga

Writer-Producer-Director of video biography of Julius Braun

Working on Documentary on the Life and times of David Lewis

Working on Documentary "Leo the Liberator"

Working on documentary "The New Fighting Seabees"

Working on documentary "CEOs of America"

Working on Documentary "The Flying Man"

Working on video biography of Jim Zuur

Working on documentary on the life and times of Lester Maddox and Bobby Lee Fears

Producing a new Korean-Language film of my documentary "Ship of Miracles"

Working on video biography of Marilyn Fergusson


Northwest Coordinator for Association of Personal Historians - formerly

Member of Organization of American Historians

Member of Pacific Northwest Historians Guild

Member of 911 Media Arts Center

Member of Bellevue Chamber of Commerce

Member of Film Arts Foundation

Member of International Documentary Association


Coming Soon:

Author of book:  "The Brilliants and other Short Stories"

Author of book:  "Beat your boss to work--Secrets to a Successful Life"


Life Goal:  Health, Happy Family, Financial Freedom, Full-time Filmmaking/Art/Writing




My Top 50 Life Goals: (as of Nov 1990)

1. Make movies full time.
2. Compose a song.
3. Own a classic ragtop car.
4. Become an attorney.
5. Learn to fly.
6. Go to Europe.
7. Own a nice home.
8. Become a healthy person.
9. Take a ride on a space ship.
10. Have kids.
11. Parachute or skydive
12. Write a book.
13. Skin dive
14. Get a college degree.
15. Stockbrokers license.
16. Go to the Mardis Gras in New Orleans.
17. Go to the Cannes Film Festival in France.
18. Be able to be creative full time.
19. Write a play that makes it to Broadway.
20. Write a poem.
21. Write a novel.
22. Write a nonfiction book on timeshare selling.
23. Have my own movie production company.
24. Hold public office.
25. Experience war first hand
26. Make a million dollars.
27. Ride in a hot air balloon.
28. Save a person's life.
29. Go on a camera safari to Africa.
30. Go to Hawaii.
31. Learn how to fence with swords.
32. Go sword fishing.
33. Learn how to dance.
34. Climb Mount Everest.
35. Drive a race car.
36. Go sailing.
37. Ride on a race horse.
38. Become financially free.
39. Win an Academy Award.
40. Run a marathon.
41. Meet the Pope.
42. Get a patent.
43. Paint a painting of value.
44. Create a sculpture.
45. Be a matador in a bull fight.
46. Learn to play the saxophone.
47. Experience death and return.
48. Learn a foreign language.
49. Experience Green Bay, Wisconsin
50. Learn a martial arts.
50. Learn how to juggle